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Our Commitment to Accessibility

The Candle Club continues to take steps to improve web accessibility on www.candleclubwichita.com and to align with best practices and the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines issued by the World Wide Web Consortium. Customers with disabilities who experience difficulty using our websites, please Contact Us or call (316) 684-7281.

Browser Support

Due to limited compatibility with older browsers, we strongly recommend using the latest version of your web browser for the best experience. In addition to compatibility, keeping your browser up to date is a good practice for security and overall performance.

Recommended Browser and Assistive Technology Combinations

  • For Windows users: JAWS and Internet Explorer or NVDA and Firefox
  • For Mac users: VoiceOver and Safari
  • For mobile users: VoiceOver for the iPhone and TalkBack for Android devices

For more information about Web Accessibility, please visit the external website: Web Accessibility Initiative of the W3C (Note: this website is not owned or maintained by the Candle Club.)